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onsemi's End-of-Life (EOL) Support program is designed to provide a long-term solution to customers facing device or process obsolescence with their current ASIC or FPGA vendor. We provide reliable second sourcing options, as well as cost reduction solutions, to help you maintain your competitive edge. Conversion of an older technology to an optimized ASIC solution can provide a mid-life enhancement and extended life cycle.

Most conversions involve producing an ASIC solution with the same form, fit and function as your original device. We understand how to match functionality and timing across the same operating conditions and voltages as your device. We have access to an extensive array of package technologies and can design custom packages to support your exact needs.

Some conversions can provide an opportunity to introduce improvements to the product, such as moving forward in process technology. Or, you may want to create a product derivative or revision, by including product tweaks or repositioning your product for cost savings, for example by converting from thru-hole to surface mount packaging.

FPGA Design Flow
FPGA Design Flow


Automatic design migration to an ASIC
Low cost drop-in replacements
Multiple to one conversions
Original circuit functionality and performance maintained and improved
Accept over 70 FPGA and ASIC formats


onsemi directly owns and operates fabs, with access to industry standard third-party foundries. We have more than 25 years of conversion experience with over 5,000 designs converted to working silicon.

Improved cost through process migration
Long fabrication process life
Solution to process obsolescence from current ASIC vendor