Today’s lighting systems provide high efficiency and power savings opportunities in industrial and residential buildings. By adding temperature, humidity, and image sensors to the lighting fixtures, consumers can monitor room temperature, humidity, and room occupancy. By adding wired or wireless connectivity to these solutions, end-users can now track all the information in the cloud and make real-time adjustments for improved efficiency, comfort, and safety.

Evaluation/Development Kits

Connected Lighting Platform

Combining wireless, power, and options for control, the Connected Lighting Platform provides everything needed to develop energy efficient LED lighting solutions.

STR-NCS36510-ZB-EH-1-GEVK: Strata Enabled Zigbee® Green Power Kit

The STR-NCS36510-ZB-EH-1-GEVK demonstrates the use of NCS36510 in a battery-free Zigbee® Green Power application.

Technical Documents

What is Visible Light Communication (VLC)?

Light communication is opening the road to many new applications, overcoming some of the limitations of RF implementations today. Learn more about VLC in this white paper.

Creating an Energy Harvesting Zigbee® Green Power™ Switch for Smart Homes and Buildings

This white paper describes creating a State−of−the−Art, Cost−Effective Energy Harvesting Bluetooth® Low Energy Switch, using alternative sources of energy combined with low−power connectivity has significant market potential.