Engineering services

Evolve with business aligned engineering services



Tailored for your business needs

Organizations have unique needs based on the current lifecycle stage of their bespoke applications, products or platforms.



  • Leverage top technological and domain expertise
  • Benefit from consistent thought leadership
  • Enable better collaboration through co-located teams

Develop and launch

  • Ensure stable and predictable delivery
  • Share delivery ownership
  • Increase cost-effectiveness

Grow and mature

  • Take advantage of role transition and efficiency
  • Transfer application delivery ownership
  • Enable efficient transformation

End of life

  • Ensure demand throttling and efficiency
  • Enable transfer of portfolio delivery ownership
  • Greatly increase cost-effectiveness

Engagement models

Team augmentation

For skills and capacity

Managed delivery
autonomous squads

For limited transfer of delivery ownership

Managed delivery application ownership

For transfer of delivery ownership for specific application

Managed delivery application portfolio ownership

For transfer of delivery ownership for entire applications portfolio

Our solutions

Application analysis and modernization

Analyze current legacy applications and identify opportunities for simplification, modernization and optimization.

Innovative application development

Modern software engineering processes combined with managed delivery solutions and focused on greenfield and brownfield development.

Application development and maintenance

Core engineering services on techno-functional expertise, modern maintenance processes, location transformation, managed delivery solutions and application maintenance solutions. Focused on brownfield development.

Location model transformation

Offshoring solutions including data obfuscation, role transitions, role-based delivery solutions and centers of excellence.

Process and technology transformation

Strategic process and technology transformation that ensures adoption of such practices and technologies as cloud, microservices, DevOps and Agile.

Large-scale application management

Large-scale transition, transformation and management of the entire application.

Benefits of our engineering services


Convenient engagement
We can assist you at any point of the engineering value chain and at any lifecycle stage


Delivery management
Stable and efficient delivery using our modern delivery processes, knowledge management solutions and expertise


Measurable outcomes
Noticeable improvement in engineering delivery through aligned and quantitative metrics


Effective collaboration
Our domain and technology experts ensure better delivery of value while providing flexible collaboration opportunities


Location transformation
Set up delivery centers across a variety of global locations by leveraging our expertise


Flexible delivery
Engage multiple delivery models with varying levels of ownership

Why Luxoft


years’ experience in offering value-driven engineering solutions


global clients including over 75 Fortune 500 companies


of engineers have advanced degrees


countries in operation

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