How Luxoft Cloud Solutions help you increase market differentiation

More predictable. More repeatable. More agile.

Our Cloud Solutions enable increasingly efficient IT delivery with improved stability, scalability and cost control. We help you deliver cloud-native applications through containerization and automation, understanding the urgent need to mitigate existing cyber security risks, while monitoring and reacting to new threats.


Ahead in the clouds

Organizations like fintechs and digital banks are leading the way in the adoption of cutting-edge, cloud-based technology. They’ve set the benchmark for safe, repeatable and swift software releases to production. Cloud working has prompted other reactions too:

  • Many businesses are edging toward DevOps in search of a more agile response to rapid changes in customer needs
  • Platforms are virtualized, containerized and treated like malleable, reusable resources, providing organizations with increasing levels of scale and flexibility
  • Loosely coupled, core components of microservice architectures can be upgraded without months of regression testing and coordination
  • Cyber security is playing an increasingly crucial role in data management. Hence the shift from pure tool-/solution-based CyberSec, to a process and culture-based approach
  • Modern data-breach resolution combines engineering and process-based practices, moving from compliance-based models to more controllable solutions

Luxoft Cloud Solutions

We can help you evaluate the benefits of modern system design, and determine which technologies and architectures are right for you. Then, together, we’ll draft the roadmap.


Cloud’s toolkit of modern approaches and technologies is perfect for getting greenfield projects off the ground.


Luxoft Cloud Solutions help you decouple complex architectures or decompose monolithic applications, modernizing your systems securely, efficiently and in a timely manner.


While clients might have the talent to code and deliver performant software and scalable services, the pace of release can be an issue. Change processes, role segregation and a lack of test environments are just three reasons why software is shipped at a slower pace.


DevOps overcomes these barriers. At its core, DevOps aims to increase an organization’s ability to deliver products and services quickly, safely and reliably.


DevSecOps is a natural panacea for delivery delays, automating the embedding of security at every stage of the Agile and DevOps software development cycle. It allows teams to create low-cost, better quality code, more rapidly.

Cyber security

Cyber security is one of the most rapidly developing IT sectors. So, firms are continually analyzing new threats and planning the mitigation of seemingly endless legacy issues as the digital landscape evolves.


Across industries and technological areas, cyber security solutions form the spine of all digital operation frameworks, as well as business- and reputational-risk mitigation.


Luxoft’s cyber security experts help clients understand and evaluate both direct and indirect operational risks.

Why Luxoft


We understand the role DevOps plays in making sure an organization has the speed and agility to adapt to rapidly changing customer requirements and evolving technology landscapes. Luxoft has always anchored engineering projects on these practices.


Our experts have vast experience in designing and deploying pipelines that give clients full control of the build and deployment process. These pipelines instill the confidence to execute multiple daily production deployments safely, without compromising system stability.


Luxoft combines consulting and practical expertise at scale, providing a deep domain understanding of highly complex and fast-paced environments. Our flexible engagement model delivers full end-to-end global service, with continuing best practice and constant innovation.

Client success stories

For a tier-one global retailer:
  • Actuating their journey to cloud and transitioning over 300 workflows
  • Deploying a DevOps practice from initial consultancy through operational, cultural and technology changes to full development
For a leading media distribution company:
  • Moving from on-prem to hybrid cloud, including migrating one of the biggest media archives in the world, a disaster recovery solution and custom run-cost control
  • Establishing a scalability solution and an infrastructure as a code implementation, with DevOps at the heart of change management practices
For a global retail operator:
  • Creating and enacting a cyber security strategy, including monitoring, automated mitigation and data protection solutions

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