Social responsibility

We use technology to improve corporate responsibility, promote social rights and protect the environment

Luxoft's social responsibility philosophy

Luxoft believes the only way to reach the promised land of profits is to follow the righteous road of purpose. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) philosophy embodies our global approach to creating sustainable growth through innovation, and reflects our commitment to creating long-lasting and meaningful relationships with our employees, clients and the communities we operate in. As an organization, we partner with dozens of charities, NGOs and third-party organizations worldwide to sponsor events and launch initiatives that bring people together and promote positive change.

At Luxoft, we promote diversity and equality across our workforce and invest in the continuing education of all our employees. Fundamentally, Luxoft believes that by empowering our employees and giving them a platform to contribute to meaningful projects in their communities, we create a net good locally – which reverberates globally – and ultimately cycles back to benefit our clients as well as Luxoft and its investors.

“Luxoft’s CSR philosophy is defined by the way we interact with our business partners, employees, and the communities we are based in. We’ve developed a dynamic framework to manage CSR projects and build a better world that’s based on three key areas: Health & Well-being, Gender Equality, and Quality Education. These three ‘pillars’ were highlighted by the United Nations in their ‘17 Goals to Transform Our World Initiative.’ We recognize the impact Luxoft’s many business activities have on the world, which is why we’re constantly aiming for the highest possible standards and strive for transparency as part of our commitment to sustainable development. Luxoft embodies what it truly means to think globally and act locally.”

Dmitry Loschinin, Luxoft President and CEO

“Luxoft is a company guided by the principles of sustainability. We operate with an eye to protecting our environment and ensure we stay energy efficient, consume and produce responsibly, conserve water, protect our environment, and take action to reduce our impact on climate change.”

Michael Friedland, Chief Operating Officer

“Each of our stakeholder groups are vital to Luxoft's operations. We strive to fully meet their needs and deliver a positive impact to clients, communities and beyond. As we continue to expand globally, we also continue to put effort into building and maintaining a culture where human interactions play a key role. Luxoft constantly reaches out and sets high standards of corporate responsibility in the IT sector.”

Elena Goryunova, Senior Vice President Global Talent Acquisition and Management

“To be successful, a business needs to understand its customers. That means we have to build teams which reflect the vibrant diversity of the markets in which we operate. We then need to ensure that every member of those teams is empowered and genuinely included. In short, every voice counts – regardless of nationality, gender, race, sexuality or age. Everyone matters. Every day."

Nicholas Arnold, Global Head of Technology Services & Solutions for Banking & Capital Markets

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