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System-in-Package options from onsemi enable greater system integration using advanced 3D packaging technology. Diverse technologies may be integrated at the package level, leading to a reduced footprint. Using existing die products reduces development time, thereby allowing full-custom or semi-custom products to go to market quicker.

Wireless DPS SIP
Wireless DPS SIP


Learn more about System-in-Package (SiP).

Typical SiP Die Components

Custom Analog Front End (AFE) ASIC incorporating existing analog and power management IP blocks, as well as custom designs
Platform MCU based on ARM Cortex M0+/M3
Power MOSFETs for drivers, power regulation, or load switching
MEMs or 3rd party sensor
Additional Memory: SRAM, EEPROM, Flash, etc.

SiP Options

Wirebonded in stacked or side-by-side configuration
Thru-silicon vias (TSVs)
Capability for three or more die in one package